We Married Too Young

We Married Too Young

Imagine that you’re out with your partner at a nice restaurant, and across the room you spot your mutual friend, Mark…except he’s not with his wife, Sandra, who is also your mutual friend. Instead, he’s with some girl and he’s kissing her. What would you do? Would you tell Sandra?

Imagine that you’re Mark, and you’ve just been busted. You look out and see your friends, Ron and Linda. You feel lightheaded, that your whole world is about to implode. If they tell Sandra, your marriage is basically over, but you have a chance yet to get out of this. You have to convince them to not tell Sandra, and you have to be willing to do what it takes…

We Married Too Young is a drama in the vein of “Closer” and “Scenes from a Marriage”. It’s a throwback to the films that were pure drama – people in a room hammering out their problems.

Now available in the USA and UK at Amazon.

Also available at GumRoad anywhere in the world.

Trailer for “We Married Too Young”

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