Gaijin Carnivores

Enter the world of the gaijin.

Gaijin Carnivores centers around a group of expats living and working in Tokyo. The story sprung from writer/director Federico Morales’ own experiences living in Japan, and the stories he’s heard from his fellow expats.

`The show is basically about a group of expats who came to Japan in their early twenties, like most of us do, and for various reasons ended up overstaying. As they get older they realize that they’re stuck in this purgatory between living a life of carefree abandonment and living a life of responsibility and stability.’

The show’s protagonist, Marcus (played by Bob Werley), drifts from job to job, apartment to apartment, girl to girl — unable to let go of the life he has gotten so used to over the years of living carefree in Tokyo.

Actor Bob Werley on playing Marcus, `He is not really that different from anyone else.  He is alone in this world but doesn’t actually want to be.  He fills the voids in his life with sex and alcohol.  When someting gets too real, he either runs away or forces people to hate him.  He’s not a bad person, but you really need to dig deep to find his sweetness.`

Morales says,`Stylistically, both in terms of performances and look, we were going for a John Cassavetes or Jim Jarmusch feel, driven for the most part by dialogue and character.  We also decided to keep it in black-and-white, to maintain that indie tone.`

As for the title?

`Well gaijin is a bit of a shithead way of saying foreigner in Japanese – though we’ve adopted it and use it to describe ourselves. As for the ‘carnivores’ part of the title – it works on many levels. In part, it’s an extension of the gaijin idea – we are western meat-eaters in a land of fish and rice. Also in terms of  some of the characters’ attitudes – this is not a show about friendly people bantering with each other aimlessly, these people sometimes hurt each other, sometimes quite viciously. And lastly the word ‘carnivore’ has the connotation of describing a hunter with an insatiable hunger, and these characters are just that; hungry hunters in search of life experiences, love, sex, good times, you name it.`

Producer and actor Franco Bolas (Frank) says laughing, `Yeah we’re a bit worried people will think we’ve made some kind of zombie horror movie – something along the lines of ‘When Gaijin Attack’, but we hope once people tune in they’ll  see the main components of the series are the relationships between the characters, and between them and the Japanese.`

Gaijin Carnivores is now LIVE here. Check it out!!!


2 thoughts on “Gaijin Carnivores

  1. I am an English teacher in Korea and have worked in other countries. This series was the best portrayal of daily esl life I’ve seen and the issues the characters deal with are things we all go through. Thanks for the great show.

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