What is the sum of a man? How can a man reconcile his morality with his base urges? How much weed can a motherfucker smoke before passing out? These are the fascinating questions raised in the new web series, Frankouver.


Frank is a low-level drug dealer in Vancouver, BC just coasting through life. He’s a man that gives in to his most base desires; hedonism in the form of sex, drugs, and petty rivalries. But he’s approaching 30, and he’s finding that he can’t get away with leading this kind of life anymore as the pressures and dangers mount.

Frankouver is not told in a straightforward way. Instead, taking inspiration from New York experimental graphic novels from the early 2000s,  it’s laid out in snippets; some random and irreverent, others profound and though-provoking, all smashed together to create a mosaic of a year in Frank’s life, and the city of Vancouver.

Sure to make you laugh and give you insight into the world’s most beautiful city, kick back and start watching Frankouver.

Frankouver Channel below.

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